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Say Bye-Bye to Nepa Wahala

The installation of renewable power solution in your home provides 100 percent reliable regulated and stabilized power supply to run the most sophiscated office and home equipment’s silently. You have the power you need most times you need it - extended power backup time. You save lots of money over the long term as all the running costs of a generator are virtually eliminated. Just think of only a N1000 (One Thousand Naira) a day for a small generator user and you are grossing up to N365, 000 (Three Hundred and Sixty five naira) in one year. You largely eliminate the hassles of running and operating a generator. The inverter operates in an automated mode, freeing you from manual interventions. It requires no consumables to run. That risk, ever there with generators catching fire unexpectedly, poisonous fumes or fire from fuel mishandling, is taken off your family. It ensures you get the best quality of power that is safe for your delicate and sophisticated equipment. 100% pure, reliable and regulated power. That's what "pure sine wave" is all about. You have a healthy environment as its non-intrusive equipment, not generating anynoise, not producing any fumes. You get warnings on overload or low battery charge when that's the case, helping protect your equipment and battery bank. Your inverter is still of great benefit even if you don’t have NEPA at all. You simply run the generator for just a short period to charge your inverter battery bank and offthe generator. On the whole, even in this circumstance, you still cut your generator use by up to 90%. Your life is still several folds easier economical and happier.


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This unparalleled success helps in enabling you enjoy low cost effective power solutions. We are confident the proposed inverter power solution will have a tremendous impact on your relaxation and comfort at  home. (08091624888,08091634888)